Historical Items Wanted

The San Luis History Society is working on preserving the memories and historical information of the San Luis Valley and Northern New Mexico where many of our ancestors migrated from to San Luis and its surrounding communities. The members of our community can contribute their stories to keep the memories alive.

Items you can contribute are photographs of people, events and buildings from our local towns.

Colorado newspapers, books, ads, maps, old receipts and pamphlets.

Yearbooks from schools, church  publications, professional organizations, clubs and society memorabilia.

Funeral cards so we can upload them to the obituary section.  You can add a photo or story of the person to keep their memory alive.

Diaries, letters, and documents.

Medicinal recipes/remedios/food recipes, soap recipes, makeup and hair tips/styles etc.

Contribute stories to the Centennial Section for ancestors who have been in the San Luis Valley for 100 plus years.

Pioneer relics, clothing, paintings, crafts, toys, bibles, cooking utensils, work related items, old license plates, military mementos, jewelry and other items that can be exhibited in a museum.