Costilla County Cemeteries

 viejo-san-acacio-cemeteryViejo San Acacio Cemetery

Cemeteries in the San Luis Valley
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 Cemetery  Location Graves  Year  Type
 Arrowhead Indian  Burials  Arrowhead Ranch Blanca, Colorado
 Blanca Cemetery  Blanca, Colorado  Public
 Brennaman – Ed Cemetery  Fort Garland  5
 Brennaman – Julia Cemetery  6
 Chalifues Cemetery
 Chama Catholic Cemetery New  Chama, Colorado
 Chama Catholic Cemetery Old  Chama, Colorado
 Chama Protestant Cemetery  Chama, Colorado
 Cordova, Luisita  Garcia  1
 Dow Cemetery  Fort Garland
 Eastdale Cemetery  Jarosa
 Fort Garland Cemetery New  Fort Garland, Colorado
 Fort Garland Cemetery, aka Ute Creek Cemetery
 Fort Garland Soldiers Cemetery
 Fort Garland Presbyterian Cemetery, aka Fort Garland Cemtery
 Fort Massachusettes Post Cemetery
 Garcia Catholic Cemetery  Garcia, Colorado
 Garcia Pentecostal Cemetery  Garcia, Colorado
 Garcia Presbyterian Cemetery  Garcia, Colorado
 Gardner, Mary  1
 Garland City Cemetery
 Gonzales, Vincente Cemetery
 Gonzales Cemetery  San Acacio, Colorado – twin baby girls  2
 Hillside Cemetery, aka McMullen Cemetery
 Hoffman Cemetery
 Jaroso Cemetery aka Mountain View Cemetery  Jarosa, Colorado
 Jesus Only Cemetery
 Los Fuertes Cemetery, aka Vallejos cemetery, aka San Isidro Cemetery  Los Fuertes, Colorado
 MacMullan Cemetery aka Hillside Cemetery  Fort Garland, CO
 Martinez Ranch Cemetery  San Acacio, CO  Single Grave  2016  Private
 Martinez Cemetery  San Acacio, CO –  Single Grave  Private
 Mesa Cemetery  San Luis, CO – Found while digging sand pit.  Moved to San Luis Cemetery – no grave markers  6 graves
 Mesita Cemetery  Mesita, Colorado
 Mortimer Cemetery
 Mountain View Cemetery  aka Jaroso Cemetery
 Ojito Cemetery
 Old Town Cemetery
 Placer Cemetery, aka Russell Cemetery
 Rural Cemetery #1
 Rural Cemetery #2
 San Acacio Community Cemetery New San Acacio, Colorado   First burial 1892 Bartolo Gonzales  1892  Public
 San Acacio Cemetery Old Located in Churchyard behind San Acacio Catholic Church  Public
 San Francisco Cemetery  San Francisco, Colorado
 San Luis Cemetery New  San Luis, Colorado
 San Luis Cemetery Old  San Luis, Colorado
 San Luis Cemetery Original
 San Luis Pentecostal Cemetery  San Luis, Colorado
 San Pablo Cemetery aka Vallejos Protestant Cemetery  San Pablo, Colorado
 San Pedro Cemetery #1
 San Pedro Cemetery #2
 Shumate Indian Burial
 Sierra Cemetery
 Sprink Creek Cemetery, aka Billey Meyer Cemetery aka Myer Cemetery
 Tobin Ranch Cemetery
 Trinidad Bernal Cemetery
 Trujillo Cemetery
 Unkown Grave
 Vigil, Able Cemetery

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