Death of Narciso Beaubian in Taos, NM

In 1846,  General Stephen Watts Kearney invaded the Mexican territory of New Mexico. Many New Mexicans were not happy with the new regime and were afraid of losing their land to the new regime.

On January 14, 1847 Governor Charles Bent of New Mexico traveled to his home in Taos, NM and was attacked by a group of Hispanic and Taos Indians in retaliation of new changes being made under the new government.  During the attack Governor Charles Bent, Pablo Jaramillo, Sheriff Stephen Lee, Judge Cornelio Vigil, attorney J. S. Leal and Narciso Beaubien, son of Charles Beaubian were killed.

Charles Beaubian also known as Carlos Beaubian applied for the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant in 1843 in the San Luis Valley along the Costilla, Culebra and Trincheras River.  Since he already had one grant, the new grant went to his son Narciso and Taos business Associated Stephen Louis Lee.  Stephen Louis Lee and Narciso Beaubian were both killed in the 1847 attack at the home of Charles Bent in Taos, New Mexico.   kit-carson-cemetary-taos

Narciso Beaubien was buried at the Kit Carson Memorial Cemetery in Taos, New Mexico.



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