Japanese Americans in Costilla County


The Pueblo Archaeological and Historical Society presents Lorrie Crawford speaking on her oral history project featuring Japanese Americans in the San Luis Valley. Ms. Crawford presents an informative, often lighthearted, and sometimes emotional look at the lives of 13 Japanese American interviewees and their ancestors.

Through their voices, Ms. Crawford shares stories of a people who brought a rich culture along with new language, religion, traditions, and farming practices, to Costilla County in the early 20th century. She reveals hardships faced as their loyalties and patience were tested during World War II and through the decades of struggle to become United States citizens.
Southeastern Colorado shares a unique place in the history of the Japanese in America during World War II with the presence of the Amache Japanese-American Relocation Center near Grenada, Colorado. Amache is the site of recent archaeological investigations conducted by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Denver.


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