Humphrey Mortuary in Alamosa Colorado

Humphrey Mortuary in Alamosa Colorado has records available online for the years 1924 to 1926 and from 1939 – 1952.  Records were transcribed by Dan and Linda Deslauriers.

Searching for family history information for San Luis, Colorado you will find death records for Alamosa, Blanca, Capulin, Chama, El Rito, Fort Garland San Acacio, San Francisco, San Luis, San Pedro and more.  Death records (*website no longer exists, if you have additional resources contact us and we will add them.) are in alphabetical order by last name and provide the date of death, last residence, name of parents, occupation, cause of death and where buried.

An easy way to do your search and find family members is by going to Edit and click on Find on this page… and enter the name of the city or person.  Names or cities will be highlighted making your search quick and easy.

Humprhey Morturary History indicate John Brown began undertaking in 1890 until 1927.  He then formed a partnership with George Lorton in downtown Alamosa and continued ownership with other partners John Allardice and Glen Miracle. He bought out his partners and continued the operation until selling to Frank L. Humphrey in 1948. Mr. Humphrey sold the business to Kenneth P. Butler and W. Edward Sharp in 1951. The funeral home changed hands several more times and is currently the Rogers Family Mortuary.

If you have other resources, please contact us on the form below and we will add it to our genealogy resource Center for the San Luis Valley.


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